The Academy is located  near the city center of Belgrade, part of Ahilej Bodybuilding & Fitness Kluba u Dimitrija Tucovića 108.




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Training schedule (click on picture to enlarge):

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Introduction to BJJ: All beginners need to start with this class.
Beginners: A class where beginners and even advanced practitioners learn the fundamental techniques of Jiu-Jitsu. This class is highly recommended!
Jiu-Jitsu self defense: a class that is specifically designed to practice all aspects of Brazilan/Gracie Jiu-Jitsu highly developed self defense system.
Sparring Gi – Randori: 1h30 of just rolling/sparring.
Wrestling for BJJ: We learn takedowns and how to control on the ground using Wrestling.

The new space will have 150m2 of combined mats with an MMA cage, the best weights and machines, crossfit area, kettlebells, climbing ropes, lounge area, amazing changing rooms and showers. The address is Dimitrija Tucovica 108 It is just 100 meters away from Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra and easily accessible by public transportation.


3,999 dinars= 12 classes BJJ/grappling that you can use within 30 days. Price comes with gym included. You can use the gym without time limitations before or after you attend a bjj class.
4,800 dinars=  Unlimited training, Plus Unlimited Gym that you can use within 30 days
Visitor’s pass= 500 din, Attend every class within that day and you can use the gym.

*Trial class for beginners is free.