Kimura Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy is based in Belgrade, Serbia. The Academy is located at an exclusive location near the city center of Belgrade, part of Ahilej Borilacka Akademija at Branka Krsmanovica 11a, just 50 meters away from Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra and easily accessible by public transportation..

Trainings are GI, NoGi, wrestling for bjj, and fundamentals.

The space has 280 m2 of combined mats with an MMA cage, climbing ropes, lounge area, amazing changing rooms and showers.

All levels are welcome and the academy has a friendly and international atmosphere.


Training schedule (click on picture to enlarge):


*Gi= BJJ training with the Gi , No Gi= BJJ training without the Gi.

Free Introduction to BJJ: All beginners need to start with this class. Mondays at 7pm
Wrestling for BJJ: We learn takedowns and how to control on the ground using Wrestling.


-3,500 din/month if you pay for 6 months in advance (21,351 din). Unlimited training for a 180 day period.

-4,000 din/month if you pay for 3 months in advance (12,000 din). Unlimited training for a 90 day period.

-4,500 dinars if you pay just for the month. Unlimited training for a 30 day period.

3,000 dinars= Kids BJJ (12 training sessions) for a 30 day period.
Visitor’s pass= 500 din, Attend every class within that day.

*Trial class for beginners is free.



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